May 16, 2016



It has been a little over a year sense I decided to wake up. Yes wake up I had been sleeping for a couple of years. I myself let my dreams slip away from my hands. Yet they were still buried inside of me and would not leave me alone. However, I am so thankful that my dreams were still alive. Because of a small flame still burning inside of me I have been discovering all of my hidden beauty. I want you to picture this.

Imagine a Rose blooming and uncovering it’s beauty. That’s exactly how I felt when I began discovering everything that was inside of me. We have been created for so much more but yet we stay in the same situation never growing or being afraid of growing. Do you really think that we are called to be normal? Really what is normal? Who invented normal? I definitely know I am NOT normal. The truth is the Lord created me to be unique to be cheery, happy and bubbly etc… I have been going through the most beautiful journey and self discovery I could have ever asked for.

This year I have also experienced the most pain in my life. The craziest part is with all of this pain I am experiencing the most growth and peace ever! For that I give all the glory to my Lord Jesus. 

The moment you decide to come out of your comfort zone is the moment storms will come your way. They will try to knock you back down. But don’t let it keep you back. After every storm the sun always comes out and there you will be. Enjoying what the Lord has for just on the other side.

I want to challenge you to:

  1. Discover your hidden beauty

  2. Expect the storm

  3. Defeat the storm (with Jesus Christ)

  4. Share your experience

  5. Share you inner beauty with others

 XOXO Blessings Joanna 



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