The Feeling of Not Having Voice

June 2, 2017

I had a dream the last week where I was unable to speak. I tried but I was shut off and No voice was coming out. I knew I was being attacked. I can’t explain to you the feeling or desire of wanting to speak, say something or just scream. The urge I had to shout and feel untrapped. 

Can you recall of time when you tried to speak something but you felt imprisoned in your own body? Perhaps, your reading this right now and feel like this? It could be in a different area in your life. Maybe something has happened to you but you feel ashamed? This dream reminded me of all the women who desire to speak and share their voice but they couldn’t. 

I want you to know that whatever is keeping you silent or making you believe or think that you do not have a voice it is a HUGE LIE and we all a voice. When we open our mouth we have a special tune and special voice. This is a special voice that only you can produce. You can start speaking NOW! Now is your time. Now is where you can join the fight and use your voice as a weapon! Your voice is your weapon. Your weapon against fear, suicide, depression, guilt, and defeat. 

Begin speaking a  word, a sentence, a paragraph and before you know it your story is being told.  


It’s women like you that this world needs. That our schools, work place, and community needs. Women are strong and should build each other up and encourage eachother in our deepest pain. There is no other woman out there like you. Why? Because you are ONE you are ONLY you are UNIQUE. 

You have been hand picked by the most high. Tho he owns the sky He still came for you. He came to rescue you and pick you up from defeat. 

Do not be afraid for He is with you. Psalm 118:6 


We all have a beginning and the small beginnings are always the humble ones… 

#letyourvoicebeheard #shareyourstory #impactothers #buildothers #takeastand #donotbeafraid #beautylovelife 

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