Heart VS ...

June 3, 2017

Getting to know your heart and what keeps the heart pumping. 


You could be a stay at home mom, entrepreneur, retired or currently seeking what your heart desires. 


I remember the first time I spoke in public in front of a group of women. It was the summer of 2015. A few months after my son was born and I was beginning to step back into the community. Well let me tell you, after the event ended I knew right there that I was destined to be a speaker. I can not actually express the feeling that I felt that day. It was like I was born again for the 3rd time. The first day when you are actually born, 2nd when you accept Jesus Christ as your savior and 3rd for me finding my passion! Let's talk about my third born again experience here. I felt like my life had a whole new meaning at this point. My heart was completely full and completely reignited. I had found my purpose. I had found my voice. 


So what is the feeling of following your Heart? How do you know that your doing what you actually were purposed to do? It's simple when you are at the right place and the right time the same flame that ignited me will ignite you. A part of you will never be able to go back to what you knew. Your heart will seek it's desire. Your heart will send messages to your mind, give you imagines, and never let you forget of what you need to do. I am getting so pumped about my future just by writing this. 


Take a moment to close your eyes and relax. Put some soothing music and take the next 15 minutes to yourself. Let your mind be free. What is your mind giving You? What images come to mind? Anything? 


Write it down. Picture yourself and imagine you actually stepping into those shoes and becoming what you have envisioned. 


Can you just feel your heart getting stirred inside? That sister is your heart, your calling, your purpose. Believe me YOU CAN DO IT. 


I once doubted myself. Who hasn't? 

Be honest with yourself. I was told that I couldn't speak and didn't have what it takes but, lets take back to elementary school. When you would tell all the mean kids "Sticks and stones may break my bones but names will never hurt me." Let's replace the word names for words. Words of someone else can hurt you unless you never let them. 


Within you is the power to reject the negatively outside and continue to walk forward. Follow that heart, pursue what keeps your fire ignited, and walk with purpose. Do not be afraid to spend time with your thoughts. 


Remember who is with you and who you have living inside of you.. Follow your heart.. That burning desire that is ready to be shared. ❤ 

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