July 27, 2017




As I lay here and reflect on all that is going around me I can not help but get lost into the colors of this beautiful painting. 


This painting is speaking to me in the beauty of it's colors but yet how messy paint can be. Intentionally or not paint can get messy. 


Can you feel getting lost in the beauty of the colors? Or feel how you can be the branches? Branches grow and head many different directions but yet still be connected to one thing. The vine. 


Close your eyes and picture you being the branches growing, twisting and heading in many different directions. 


At the end of each branch you are producing beautiful leaves. Now take your back self where the branch started and head to another direction. Here again you produce more leaves. 


As you grow and head in different directions in life you leave a special something. You leave your mark but you remain connected to the vine. 


I want you to picture the vine being your ground. Your roots, your values, your dreams etc ... 


Where you are today and where you have been picture how you have grown, stretched and have been impacted. 


What kind of Mark have you left? 

What kind of impact have you left? 

How have you learned or grown from each location you visited? 


Did you stay grownded to your Vine? Or did you loose your vine some where? 


Can you find yourself back to your truth, to your values to what you have known in your heart? 


Take a moment to reflect on this. ❤ 



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