The Difference a Mentor Made

January 1, 2019


I have to say that I am so thankful to have been blessed with some pretty amazing mentors in my life. 

It was because of those amazing people whom I called my mentor(s) and the voices that remained in my heart all those years that saved me from making so many bad choices. Please, don't get me wrong, I did mess up. I made a few bad choices, and I surely did not always take good advice right away. I mean who does? As an adolescent, we just think that we have it all figured out and that we know best. We get excited to get some freedom and begin exploring what is around us. How many of us were exposed to bullying, verbal abuse, dating, drugs, alcohol, sex, and party lifestyle? It was so easy to do these things. Then the voice in your head begins to speak to you, your parents aren't here, and they'll never find out! 
Before you know it, BAM! YOU DID IT! You did something others told you not to do. Was the teacher in elementary school telling you to say no to drugs? Was the school mascot or counselor? Were you advised to wait before dating and something went wrong? Did you end up dating the guy everyone told you not to? Did you go to a party and hung out with the wrong crowd and things went sideways? 

I can list so many different scenarios. Why? Because we have all walked down a different path. Some of us share common experiences that were not the best and some that were. It's all due to the beautiful thing called life. We were all called to live a different and unique life. We are designed to go down our own roadmap. It's exciting! Isn't it? Let me tell you why it is exciting though it may not entirely look like it. 

Life has given us something beautiful and refreshing. People. People in so many different colors, ways, character, experiences, stories, etc… and some people in life decide to share the good with others. They are called mothers, sisters, grandmothers, teachers, mentors, counselors, etc...Today I want to point out one, in particular, Mentor. 

Let’s take a look at the definition we find online for a mentor. A mentor is an experienced and trusted adviser. The best way to describe the work of a mentor is one who
advises or trains (someone, especially a younger colleague). This information is public and what I was able to research. 


Now to me, a mentor is someone who is willing to be a positive role model who will shed light into someone else’s life. Whether it’s personal, professional, or education related, a mentor would speak life into you. Here’s some truth about either being a mentor or being the one who is mentored (mentee). It’s not easy. Sometimes, we don’t see immediate results from our devoted hours vested. This can go both ways. We become very close to our mentees and sometimes they don’t always listen to us right away. It’s not the easiest to watch someone whom you have mentored make the wrong decision. Moreover, for the mentee who thinks I’ll be ok and later learns that they should have listened to that person who tried to protect them. That mother, sister, teacher, school counselor, or mentor just wanted to be of help. 

 I want to end this with a little piece of encouragement. You are planting some pretty amazing seeds into very valuable people. We may not witness immediate results, but just know that your words have been planted forever. You will be remembered, and your words will be stored away in good soil. Rest assured that when the time comes, your words will be whispered back into them. Then they will be faced to make a decision. Though you cannot control their choices, you have done your part. As long as you know that you have given your best, your best is all you need. This truth gave me peace when I wrestled with not seeing immediate results from my mentee was that it’s your time, God’s time, and their time. Why? You had a purpose then of meeting this person and being in this one chapter of their life. As they travel along life, they will be equipped and prepared for what’s ahead. 

My turn around was not an instance. It took a few years. 
When the time came, I remembered all those who made a difference in my life. 
Today, I give back in the same way as someone did in my life. I created an organization that gathers girls, young ladies, and mature women together to be poured into each other's lives and make a difference in their futures. We will always need positive people who are willing to pour into our lives. You are needed. Your story is yours to share. Find someone who needs to hear from you. Mentor’s stay encouraged, consistent, and persistent in your dedication to mentoring others. I honor you for all your time, commitment, and courage to a difference maker. 

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