I have three words for you...

February 1, 2019



These three words are game changers for women!
How so? Let me explain. 


Word # 1  Empty 

For the longest time, I had a sense of feeling an emptiness in my life. I knew something was missing in my life and I just could not pinpoint it. It was my spirit crying out to me to search more for in life. I finally began to listen to that cry. It was the sense of reaching my limit of feeling empty that pushed me to take action. Perhaps you are a single woman, married, widowed, or maybe you are a student.
This is a pervasive feeling among women. If you're reading this and this is something that you may be struggling with, please listen to that voice inside of you, telling you to search for more! There is so much more out there for you that you can do. All it takes is for you to shift your mindset! Easily said than done, right? Yes! My advice, find someone that can mentor you and encourage you through this process. 


Word # 2 Rejected 

The worst feeling and of the most damaging to women. Rejection. Man, it's just horrifying to think all the damage that this word has caused in so many. It's not just women, but men as well. Rejection has been a struggle in my life. Sometimes I can stand up to, and sometimes it can knock me out. However, mostly, I knock it out of the park. I have learned to look at it right in the eye and tackle it on. All rejection wants to do is keep you away from reaching all of the beautiful things life has for you! If you let it, it will. It will keep your gifts and talents hidden away from this world. And all those who need what only you can offer will miss out on the impact you could have made.

I have to admit that working in sales for a few years gave me the strength and the courage to face rejection. Sales is always about chasing your next sale. There is a saying, "The more no’s you get, you're closer to a yes." That's seriously what keeps you motivated. On top of the beautiful fact that "The more you sell, the more you make." Right? YES! 

Facing rejection and always chasing after the next sale equipped me in the season where God was going to take me next.

In the early stages of chasing my dream, I faced many rejections. I was given many reasons why I should not follow this dream. I was advised to become part of other organizations vs. my own. Though all of that sounds wonderful and applies to all those wonderful organizations, I knew that I had been trusted with a mission from above. Yes! I felt it in my bones that this was something bigger than me. I knew I had to protect this vision and keep on going. Rejection made me grow a thicker skin. I was totally ok with the rejections I was given. I was ok with the rejection I faced because I knew it was nothing but a redirection. 


Word # 3 Redirection 

This takes us to word number three. Redirection! Boy oh boy, this word is motivating!

“A rejection is nothing but a redirection.” Have you ever wondered why you planned or attempted to do something, but it just doesn't happen?

As hard as it may seem or as confusing as it may be, just know that life is taking you on a long journey. The journey will be full of rejections and re-directions to ultimately take you to your final destination. Enjoy it because, on the way, you will meet many people who will either come alongside you for the ride or they will be a valuable piece to the whole picture.

The next step I want you to take is to reflect on the questions below. I wanted to share with you three vital things that have taught me how to survive. Though it is very vague, I know it's going to hit some buttons that will push you to dig deep within yourself. That's the whole idea. As long as we are taking the time to evaluate ourselves and our feelings, we are continuing to grow. Celebrate the small victories over your life and keep going, OK!




Are you feeling a sense of emptiness?

If so, what do you think is missing in your life?

Is there something you can do about it?

Is there someone that you can talk to about it?

Think about a time when you faced rejection, what was the situation and how did you face it? 

Can you use your experience to inspire others?

Share your experience with someone you know of a time in your life when you faced a redirection in life.

How will this take your life to your next season? 


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